Grana stands out as a highlight amongst the many New Acoustic and progressive bluegrass projects appearing these days... This is music that begs to be heard."”

— Bluegrass Unlimited

Scroggins & Rose

In a world of growing disconnection, master instrumentalists Tristan Scroggins and Alisa Rose provide a touchstone for experiencing the world in the moment. Despite their youth, Scroggins & Rose bring an experienced touch to the worlds of both Western classical and American traditional music that explores the dynamic and emotional capabilities of a string duet.They are part of a new musical movement that seeks to bridge the gap both culturally and musically between classical and folk music. Scroggins, a mandolinst and second generation bluegrass virtuoso, and Rose, a Grammy-Nominated composer and violinist/fiddler, create an inviting musical atmosphere with their thoughtful arrangements and harmonies. From here the listener is taken on a journey away from the familiar as the duo utilize risky improvisation and innovative musical techniques to reimagine both the limits of acoustic music and the boundaries of both bluegrass and classical genres. This playful spontaneity energizes the performer and crowd alike grounding them to each passing moment. Despite the sometimes raw displays of talent, Scroggins and Rose uses their technical expertise and expansive knowledge of music to not only put on a world class performance but expand and distort the timeless themes of American music while remaining faithfully reminiscent of their traditions. With two separate lifetimes of dedication to songcraft, authenticity, and their individual instruments, Scroggins & Rose forge their own youthful yet experienced path which breaths new life into old traditions. 

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